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The MPCX unique products are modified to their customers including:
Digital Smart Investment Mandate (DSIM)
DSIM is an Artificial Inteligence (AI) driven product. It enables users to have an intelligent, diversified portfolio created within 5 minutes from thousands of options for investment strategies and individually crafted for their needs. Initially, the user can specify the required returns and investment duration that gives users control over their investments. After the DSIM creates a planned portfolio, the interface also displays a gauge to clearly inform the user of the relative risk of their portfolio, depending on the parameters selected.
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Crypto Investable Indices (CII)
CII aims to provide a passive management solution of crypto assets for our partners. The MPCX Platform will initially offer three crypto investable indices:
  • Crypto Large Cap Index (CLT). This index will hold the ten largest cryptocurrencies, weighted by market capitalization but capped at 20% weight to ensure sufficient diversity,
  • Mid Cap Index (M20T). This index contains the next 20 largest cryptocurrencies, with the maximum weighting capped at 10%,
  • Small Beta Factor Exposure Crypto Index (SBCI). This index will consist of 200 cryptocurrencies that are capped at an individual allocation of 5%. These tokens and their respective weights will be optimized by MPCX's highly sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven algorithms.

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MPCX Fiat Crypto Exchange
The MPCX Exchange provides a centralised and decentralised exchange for users to buy and sell a range of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies:

Easy, secure, save and fully digital registration, onboarding and verification,

Market liquidity in more than 15 major crypto assets, in cooperation with some of the largest institutional liquidity providers,

Transactions support in USD, EUR and GBP with full integration into the international banking system,

Daily Deposit/Withdraw limits for corporate and individual users up to 500,000.00,

The extremely competitive fee schedule, up to 50% discount for XDMC users.
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        We have ambitious plans to disrupt and change the financial industry and we intend to realise them in three stages.
        The company strives to be completely transparent and meet all the customers' needs.
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