You will be redirected to the MPCX Fiat Crypto Exchange Demo (the Prototype).
Important information
The MPCX Fiat Crypto Exchange Demo
You can see how the following functions work:

* Registration and Log In,
* Corporate and personal verification,
* Deposit/Withdraw
* Trading,
* Technical analysis,
* Order book and historical charts in 6 trading pairs,
* Profile settings,
* Dashboard
Be aware, the Prototype is the demonstration only platform and we are not collecting any of the personal and corporate data mentioned below.
The MPCX is not collecting any of these data:

* Email address, first name and last name,
* Phone number, uploaded documents,
* Nationality, place of birth, date of birth, residential addresses,
* Source of funds, country of registration, company name, registered address, trading address,
* Director's ID, shareholders information, copy of the decision to open the account,
* Other personal or corporate data which you can use to fill in the prototype forms
To try the Demo you don't need to submit your real data, please use any data you want but all required fields should be filled in. Deposit, Withdraw and Trading are demo functions. Please, do not send or try to withdraw any real funds.