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MPCX first stage unique products
MPCX Investable Crypto Indices

By creating three crypto investable indices we will offer investors a solution to increase diversification, efficiency, and portfolio returns

Our Investable Crypto Indices are:

- Crypto Large Cap Index (CLT) index holds the top ten coins by market capitalization

- Mid Cap Index (M20T) index holds the next top twenty coins by market capitalization

- Smart Beta Factor Exposure Crypto Index (SBCI) run by AI algorithm

Digital Smart Investment Mandate (DSIM)

It is a smart contract driven roboadvisory AI computer protocol. The protocol processes all client's information and creates appropriate digital investment strategy in context of the client's overall digital financial plan.

It implements this plan according the code offering model crypto portfolio based on crypto investment risk tolerance, investment objectives, horizon, liquidity needs, and unique overall crypto wealth creation aims.

DSIM will help a client, very much to follow his objective course of action during periods of market disruptions and panic to prevent against emotions and instinctive responses that can lead to less prudent actions.
Buying and selling execution with the crypto indices will be run using smart contracts as follow:
Smart contract receives subscription order
A client verification
NAV Computed
Smart contract execution according to code
Order settled
How does DSIM work?
Innovative investor's information transforms into Digital Investment Policy Statement (DIPS)
Based on DIPS AI Roboadvisor creates a model portfolio
The portfolio automatically/manually executed and rebalanced