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МPCX Digital Wealth Management Platform partners with IBM
МPCX Digital Wealth Management Platform partners with IBM to further strengthen digital assets management security thanks to IBM Cloud products and introduce Artificial Intelligence to the platform. Utilized for calculation and rebalancing of Crypto Investable Indices along with portfolio and strategy analysis in addition to compiling and managing the Digital Smart Investment Mandate, AI will become an integral part of MPCX pioneering products.
IBM and MPCX teams signed an agreement aimed to contribute to further development of MPCX digital assets management platform. According to the conditions of the agreement IBM is willing to provide technology support, assistance and consultations along with access to IBM Cloud products to ensure stable performance and exceptional level of platform security.

"MPCX is dedicated to keep up an extremely fast pace of development and innovation and IBM support will be invaluable along the way. This partnership will bring the ideal infrastructure for our platform, ensure network stability for huge trading volumes while making our offering even more interesting for end users. We are confident that IBM will play a vital role in our success", - concluded Iurii Riabykin, CFA, MCSI, Founder & CEO of MPCX Digital Wealth Management Platform.
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