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MPCX's Development Update, Beta Testing around the corner. We are on track to becoming the Alpha platform.

U-Turn from Hype to Product Driven Projects!
In later in November 2018, MPCX's team announced a U-Turn shift in our development. For a number of reasons elaborated in the article here: ICO Market Paradigm Shift.

However, the main reason was to build our community's trust in MPCX. We have decided to release a beta version of our platform and then to undergo MPCX's ICO round 1.
Since that time MPCX's team have done a tremendous amount of work in many workstreams and we have got significant progress in IT and infrastructure development. In this article, we would like to update our community about the MPCX's development progress.

First of all, MPCX's team have decided to develop and release the platform service by service. It means that when one service will be released simultaneously with the service beta testing our team will continue the platform development working on the next service.

During the first stage of MPCX's development the following services will be developed:

  • Fiat — Crypto Exchange;
  • MPCX's Crypto Investable Indices;
  • Digital Smart Investment Mandate;
  • OTC trading solutions;
  • MPCX's custody and wallets solution;
  • ICO market place.
Currently, we are very close to release and start beta testing of MPCX's Fiat — Crypto Exchange which is scheduled for the Q1 2019. MPCX is planning to allocate XDMC and ETH testing budget which will be distributed among a limited number of participants.

The MPCX Fiat — Crypto Exchange will allow individual and corporate MPCX's community and XDMC token holders to trade a number of cryptocurrencies and fiat, deposit and withdraw using personal and corporate wallets and bank accounts.

Up to this time, our development team has put MPCX well ahead and has done a large amount of work.
The registration, login and password recovery will be the first page that users see. These functions are finished and currently, MPCX's development team is working on the integration of Two — Factor authentication via SMS and Google Authenticator.
The Dashboard will present an overview of a user wallet, including important information such as the balance summary (see "Screen Platform Dashboard" below). The Dashboard is currently under development. In particular, our team is working on XDMC wallets solution and make the element more user-friendly in terms of design and user experience.
The MPCX Fiat — Crypto Exchange interface allows easy deposits and withdrawals that can be made in either fiat, such as the U.S. Dollar or in supported tokens, for example, ETH or BTC (see "Screen Platform Deposit / Withdraw below"). MPCX's individual and corporate users can deposit/withdraw fiat from their bank accounts and wallets. This function and supporting infrastructure have been already completed. During beta testing our community members will be able to deposit/withdraw USD, ETH, BTC, and XDMC.
The MPCX Fiat — Crypto Exchange provides a centralized and decentralized exchange for users to buy and sell a range of fiat currencies and crypto tokens with other participants in the market (see Screen MPCX's Fiat — Crypto Exchange below). During beta testing our community will be able to trade the following pairs XDMC / USD, ETH / XDMC, BTC / XDMC, BTC / USD, ETH / USD, ETH / BTC then after beta testing pairs in the next 15 major cryptocurrencies against fiat and XDMC will be added. MPCX will offer many cost-effective trading schedules and community members will be able to use XDMC as an internal tool to get the most favourable conditions. Our users will be able to place instant market orders and get access to the best liquidity in the market from major liquidity providers. XDMC tokens will be traded decentralized during beta testing and then centralized liquidity will be added as well.

Currently, crypto exchange element is almost ready. It is possible to place orders in fiat against ETH and BTC as well as against each other and MPCX's development team is working on XDMC decentralized trading.

The MPCX Fiat — Crypto Exchange users will be able to see all their deposit, withdrawals and trading history on the respective page and download the history in Excel format.

To be ready to start the beta testing MPCX's development team has to finish development of an additional number of elements. They are:

  • Client profile page with client settings. The page allows a user to change personal and corporate details as well as set up elements in the most convenient way, change the password and enable two — factors authentication.
  • KYC and AML module for corporate and individual users. The module will help a user to verify an account and get the suitable limit for deposit and withdraw including fiat currencies.
  • Internal admin and accounting systems. To make sure that all users' transactions are recorded, kept and we run smoothly and properly our business our developers are working hard on the admin and internal accounting systems.
  • MPCX's Fiat — Crypto Exchange support. MPCX aims to deliver the best quality services and internal support and the exchange help desk will help us to process quickly and with quality all our users' queries.
We are scheduling the MPCX Fiat — Crypto exchange release and beta testing to start in the Q1 2019. Please stay tuned and big thanks for being a part of our community.
Stay Tuned!
Your MPCX team!