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Iurii Riabykin CFA, MCSI, undergoes tet-a-tet interview on how MPCX disrupts the current landscape.
Demand always created supply throughout the centuries, regardless market context. ΜPCX's latest article on NewsBTC regarding disruption on banking, left plenty of room for thorough debates regarding the future of banking, around the usage of Bitcoin & Blockchain technology! For this reason, our team decided to host an exclusive interview with Iurii Riabykin — CFA, MCSI and Chief Executive Officer of MPCX Platform Ltd.
Iurii Riabykin
CFA, MCSI and Chief Executive Officer
of MPCX Platform Ltd.
When and how did you firstly conceive MPCX as a business plan?
Iurii Riabykin CFA, MCSI
I can recall the second half of 2017, when the market had started getting ready for an unprecedented bull run. Considering the numbers and my personal financial experience, a quick yet powerful thought came up within me. That every current circulating capital, plus the future one, will be in need of strategic wealth management on a certain point. Like it always has been with private banks, which managed the capital of their UHNWI and corporate clients!
Which problems does MPCX solve in your opinion?
Iurii Riabykin CFA, MCSI
Well, first of all let me say that there are no magic formulas in our industry. Anyone who claims otherwise, must be considered as suspiciously as possible! Coming back to our stuff now, MPCX aims to provide a holistic solution to a number of real-market problems. Our unique in-house products (DSIM & CII) deliver a smooth, comfortable and safe user experience while ensuring safety is our top priority.
What are DSIM & CII? How do you secure your IT infrastructure?
Iurii Riabykin CFA, MCSI
Digital Smart Investment Mandate is a smart-contract driven, roboadvisory protocol which brings a new era on DWM. It enables users to have an intelligent, diversified portfolio created within 5 minutes from a plethora of options, starting with investment strategies up to individually crafted ones. Analytically, user can specify a detailed duration period & RoI which gives complete control over their funds. Having the DSIM created a well-planned portfolio, the interface displays a gauge to inform the relative risk of their portfolio, depending on the parameters selected. Now, regarding Crypto Investable Indices, they aim to provide a passive management solution of crypto assets for our partners.

The MPCX Platform will initially offer three crypto investable indices:
  • Crypto Large Cap Index (CLT). This index will hold the ten largest cryptocurrencies, weighted by market capitalization but capped at 20% weight to ensure sufficient diversity.
  • Mid Cap Index (M20T). This index contains the next 20 largest cryptocurrencies, with the maximum weighting capped at 10%.
  • Small Beta Factor Exposure Crypto Index (SBCI). This index will consist of 200 cryptocurrencies that are capped at an individual allocation of 5%. These tokens and their respective weights will be optimized by MPCX's highly sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven algorithms.

Last but not least, regarding our IT security, we will be soon announcing a grand partnership with one of the Top3 giant corporations on the industry, fostering security and AI implementation on a mutually beneficial basis.
Does MPCX have any other industry partnerships?
Iurii Riabykin CFA, MCSI
Iurii Riabykin: Of course we do! Recently we signed several MoUs with other FinTech/Crypto projects around a variety of industries. Let me give you some brief examples. A UK crypto arbitrary DEX recently partnered with us, along with a NL FinTech POS/payment gateway company. Furthermore, only just yesterday, we had a newsfeeder/broadcaster partnership as well, with a Canadian project, which utilizes Tron blockchain and is among the top 3 TRON SR dApps so far. The list will be ever growing in the next months!
How do you see disrupting banking via MPCX's DLT after all?
Iurii Riabykin CFA, MCSI
Well, even though I think I elaborated on our holistic approach along with our products, let me narrate another example. The business triangle included always 3 parameters: Price, Time, Quality.

In other words, a client always has the following questions for any product: Will it be good? Will I get it on time? How much does it cost? No one, and I mean literally no one, can escape this ancient question triangle. Our solution must have much better answers than banks, if we want the inevitable to happen faster, which is establish cryptocurrencies as the new normal! Is Blockchain's quality and efficiency better than banks' intranets? Undoubtedly yes! Are they fast? Damn, they are! How much does it cost? Definitely much less than banking services.
Where do you see MPCX in the next years?
Iurii Riabykin CFA, MCSI
Well, personally I have plenty of dreams, and the team even more. However, we must stay focused and loyal to our published roadmap, in order to fulfill all of our promises towards more than 50,000 community members so far who engage within our venues on a daily basis. Our ultimate goal, is considering our digital wealth management platform, as an inevitable choice when it comes to crypto investing, managing digital assets, issuing new coins, and above all, all of the aforementioned within a state of art IT security infrastructure.
Stay Tuned!
Your MPCX team!